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Professional Dog Training

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Services​​​​​​ and Pricing


Puppy Starter​​

A basic obedience foundation class for puppies 10 weeks to 1 year old. Classes run for 6 weeks and are 1 hour long.


Adult Starter

A basic obedience foundation class for adult dogs who have had very little or no previous training. Classes run for 6 weeks and are 1 hour long.



A class to strengthen the learned obedience behaviors and expand on them. Classes run for 6 weeks and are 1 hour long.



A class for dogs that know their commands where we focus on "proofing" their skills, make them stronger and generalize them. Classes run for 6 weeks and are 1 hour long.


"You Pick"

 A "you pick" class designed around specific obedience commands you and your dog need to review and strengthen. Classes run for 6 weeks and are 1 hour long.



Workshops are designed to recommend possible solutions and how to aid in preventing unwanted behaviors. Classes are 1 hour long.

*Separation Anxiety





and more

$75 each

Take 2 consecutive classes and save more! 

Starter class + Intermediate or Advanced class saves you $20!

Dog and Cat Sitting in your home! Drop In Visits and Walks, Bradenton area! 

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I offer 10% discounts to former clients/students, retirees, the disabled, military, dogs from Rescues and Shelters​.